About the ISOC

The International Society of Curmudgeons (ISOC) offers a valid license to anyone who believes they’re a professional grump, grouch, complainer or all-around curmudgeon. This is a download file, in full color, 8″ x 10″ and 250px resolution. You supply the name — yours or someone else’s — when you fill in the form on our site. It also has the date when you fill out the form. Print your copy from any color printer, then frame it. Makes for a fun gift!

Whatever you put into the “name” field during registration will print on your certificate. In the below example, we’ve used a nickname with quotes around it. That’ll work too! You can just have your regular name, or include initials, or a prefix or suffix, like M.D. or Ph.D. — whatever you’d like. And by the way, you can always get another copy for free if you happen to lose the file.

You can also choose to be listed in our master gallery, the Hall of Fame, to let the rest of the world know that you’re not only a master curmudgeon, but that you can prove it. All this for only $4! For even more information, and to read about the world of curmudgeons, visit our main site.

Here’s an example of the certificate.

Click to see larger license to grouch

Click to see larger license to grouch


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