Same Price, Crappier Product

Okay, so it’s been a long time since the last time I posted, but that’s because I’ve been busy! With the economy the way it is, even grumpy old people have to figure out how to make some bucks. Know why? Because it takes more and more money to buy crappier and cheaper junk in the stores!

I like to cook (because I like to eat), and I have recipes dating back to the Civil War. They don’t make food the way they used to, so I keep track of old ways of doing things. Those recipes call for things like 1 lb of lasagna noodles, or 16 oz of such and such a can. Can I get them in the stores? Nope. It’s now 12 oz of noodles, or 14-1/2 oz of canned stuff.

Apparently, food companies are so afraid that customers won’t buy their crap if the prices go up, they’ve decided to make the sizes smaller. We’ve seen it with candy bars for decades, and now those candy bars are so small they’re like peanuts! That would okay if I could still buy a regular, old-style candy bar by paying extra. But I can’t!

Food companies have all consolidated into one or two gigantic conglomerates. They go for economics of scale, and rather than offer individual options, they go for the bulk and the cheapest. The logic is: “Hey, we’re not selling any of those bigger candy bars, so let’s quit making them.”

They’re not selling them BECAUSE they’re not making them!

Remember when American companies grew their markets by making new stuff? By making better stuff? It was all about product and development, research and invention. Nowadays, it’s mostly about costs and “operations.” Companies make their money (profits) by cutting costs, firing people, reducing sizes, and doing everything other than making new products!

Bounty paper towels used to be decent. Now there are fewer pieces on a roll, and each towel is smaller. I had an old roll I found, and by accident compared the sheets with a new roll. Have the new sheets shrunk? Of course they have! All so Bounty can keep the price “almost” the same.

Pretty soon we’ll be living in Canada! Up there, everything is half the size of its counterpart here in the USA. At least it was, until recently. Can we do anything about it? Of course not! We’re only consumers! We have no say in the matter. That’s why we need a galactic lobbying group, like the ISOC!

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5 Comments on “Same Price, Crappier Product”

  1. ibdesignsusa Says:

    Yep, you sure have it right. Things just aren’t the way they use to be. No wonder there are so many grumps in the world. Count me in on the ISOC. Oh wait I am already a member. Put me down for twice then!

  2. Paul Martin Says:

    “Pretty soon we’ll be living in Canada! Up there, everything is half the size of its counterpart here in the USA.”

    Being a grumpy person from Canada I have to ask the following.
    Are you just making a general statement here, or is this a cheap poke at my country?
    I don’t need to make comments about other countries to get my point across.
    I will be watching for your response closely. It will be the deciding factor as to whether or not i join your society.
    Can you measure up or am I just to much of a curmudgeon even for you.
    Trust me. I am a true curmudgeon who has made a long reputation in my town for being so.
    I am grumpy as hell a damned proud of it.

    • Master Grump Says:

      Yes indeed; this is a cheap poke at Canada. 🙂 Actually, though, I’m speaking from a visit through Vancouver and shopping for groceries. I was somewhat surprised to see that produce and meat portions in Canadian stores did seem smaller than here in the US Midwest, around the Chicago area. Being of sound analytic faculties, I then extrapolated to conclude that everything in Canada is half the size of what’s in the US. Generally speaking. I should say that in some parts of the US, things also are half the size of what we see in the Midwest.

      As you know, we here in the lower continent are doing our best to emulate the good folks of Canada, so I would assume that we’ll soon see everything about half its original size coming to stores near us. And actually; I’ve lately noticed that canned goods and packaged dry foods are getting smaller. What used to be a 16-ounce package of pasta is now more likely to be 14 ounces. I don’t know what that would be in grams, but it doesn’t matter. Cans that used to contain 15 ounces, now contain 14-1/2 ounces.

      Note that among the few things that aren’t half the size, I observed that people in Canada are about the same size. Well, except that I don’t think there are nearly as many fat people in Canada as there are in the US. I believe one reason we’re located south of Canada is because all the extra weight has caused the US to actually slide down the face of the planet. If I remember my history correctly, the US originally was about 200 miles (don’t know what that is in kilometers) more north of the equator than it is now. Canada, back then, was half the size of the the US. I think.

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