Bah Humbug Holiday Season for Curmudgeons

I see that we haven’t posted in awhile but when you are as grumpy as us we save it up for one monster post. There are so many things to discuss that it’s hard to pick just a few.

First off has to be the lack of trained help in any store that you go too.  They walk around in a daze and ask you if they can help but you know they can’t.  Here is a prime example.  Most people know that it does tend to get cold here in the upper mid-west.  Stupid us thought it might be possible to get a parka in the winter.  I probably should have started looking around my birthday in July.  Hard to think of parka’s in the middle of a heat wave.  The other day we went to a department store and said that we were looking for a “down” parka. The clerk asked us if that was a brand name. He had never heard of a down jacket or even a down pillow and when we tried to explain that it was a great warm filler he had no clue.  At this point we wouldn’t have been surprised if he had never heard of a goose or duck!  Maybe we are just getting too old.

Secondly the traffic is horrendous this time of year. People that only drive once a year are out so beware of them.  Apparently their cars or trucks don’t come equipped with turn signals and you have to read their mind. Also 9 out of 10 times they have a phone stuck to their ear and think of actually looking around at other cars as an option.

In spite of this we wish all fellow Curmudgeons a Very Grumpy Christmas with plenty of food and lots to complain about!!

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