A Warning to All Bossy People

It sure is a good thing that I have a Curmudgeon license today and I plan on using it full force. Today’s rant is for all the bossy people out there where if you give an inch they take a mile.  All of you know the type.  It’s like a disease with these bossy people but there is no cure short of becoming a grump.

Even though I am a grump I occasionally like to have a meal out. Just one damn simple meal.  Our plan was to meet a few other people for a meal and talk. Find out who like us are grumps and curmudgeons and then head back to home.

But then enter a know it all that chooses a hotel with a banquet room, fancy smashy surroundings and nothing but the best.  All of a sudden the $100 you were allowing for gas and a meal and possibly a cheap motel is going to be tripled because after all nothing but the best.

It really pays to be a Curmudgeon because we had no trouble saying “Go Ahead without Us”.  The picture below sums up my feelings well!

ISOC- Get your license today- http://grumpy-people.com/

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