Ocean Spray Cranberry Company to the Rescue

The other day, we discussed the compelling evidence that the world supply of cranberry sauce is in serious jeopardy. Our assumption was that with less sauce available, canning companies had to make it that much more difficult to get the stuff out of cans. Our thinking was that by making it a problem, people everywhere would be more aware of the valuable properties of a vanishing resource. Not sure, but we believe the preservation of cranberry resources was on the agenda for the world summit conference in Copenhagen.

We were Shocked and Amazed to hear back from Ocean Spray when we queried them on the devastating problem of being unable to open both ends of their cans:

Hello (name redacted as courtesy to sender),

Thanks for contacting us over here at Ocean Spray, where we pride ourselves on more than 75 years of taking great care in harvesting and manufacturing our products. We’re glad to hear you chose us, but we’re very sorry that you were disappointed. We immediately shared your feedback with our package design department, and they are looking into the issue.

Since our cranberries come to you straight from the bog, Ocean Spray has a vested interest in protecting the environment. And the new two-piece cranberry sauce can is more environmentally friendly, because it uses less metal and creates less waste. It’s also easier to stack in your pantry, thanks to its rounded bottom.

By inverting the can during processing, an air pocket is created. Plus, it’s even easier to remove the sauce than before: Just open the top of the can with a can opener and remove the lid entirely. Hold the can in one hand, and insert a flat knife between the cranberry log and the can. Gently push back the sauce at the back of the can, this will allow air to get in and aid in releasing the vacuum seal. Next, hold the can upside down over your serving platter and give the can a gentle shake or two. The cranberry log should slip easily onto the platter and is ready to enjoy.

Thanks again for choosing Ocean Spray. Be sure to visit us sometime at OceanSpray.com where you can get all the latest information on our products, find delicious recipes, and join the Cranberry Club for special news and offers. And don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any more questions or comments. Or if you just want to say hello, we’d like that too.


Who says that American businesses are uncaring and don’t pay attention to customers? By gosh, we were proved to be wrong! That being said, though, it goes to show you that the world needs an organization of curmudgeons to carry on the difficult task of complaining about things. Without a staunch and stalwart group of hearty individuals like our Master Curmudgeons, we all for sure would be doomed!

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