The Lifetime Supply Rule

When you find something you like, you’d better buy a lifetime supply because it’s sure to be discontinued! Have you noticed the increasing number of things that just…vanish? We’re very worried about speaking out loud and saying anything at all about liking something! As soon as was do, the product disappears.

Seems to me that continuity means that you find a product you like, it should continue to be there so you can buy replacements for the rest of your life. Like…for 80 years or something. It’s like seeing things on the stone walls of buildings, “In business since 1874.” Nowadays, they don’t do that since the business that builds a building likely will vanish in a year or two.

I do understand that Americans want cheap prices. We get stuff from overseas, and corporations want to keep the prices about what they’ve always been. So products get smaller, cheaper, lower quality and so forth. But wouldn’t it make sense to keep products on the shelves that people like to buy? Think about the Coca-Cola fiasco!

We don’t shop much at Wal-Mart anymore since we routinely end up with half the things on our list. The other half is out of stock, discontinued, or it’s been changed and we don’t want the “new” version. Or, the selection list has changed and our choice isn’t sold there anymore. Then too, prices are up and up and we can usually find most things cheaper at other stores.

All in all, it looks like we’re going to have to buy a 10-flat apartment building soon, just so we can store a lifetime supply of EVERYthing! What with real estate prices being what they are, we figure we’ll be able to get a nice building for about $25. Maintenance and property taxes will be the problem, so we’re working on that.

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2 Comments on “The Lifetime Supply Rule”

  1. Kenneth Payne Says:

    Exactly! Like Campbell’s Pepper Pot soup. Or Scotch Broth! And how about Trac II cartridges?

    • Master Grump Says:

      And what about phones with cords? Land-lines, I believe the Utes of America call them! What happens when you run out of batteries or a charge on your cell phone? And what if you’re in the middle of a hurricane and the cell towers crash over?

      Then there are the handheld “everything” devices, like Blackberries or the old Palm Pilots. When they worked off of AA or AAA batteries, you could buy a bunch of those, go into the desert or out on the ocean and always have power. But with rechargeable only devices, what then? I finally got rid of my rechargeable shaver because I was tired of it always slowing down. Now I have one that plugs into the wall. The shave is way closer, lasts longer, and the blades never slow down! I’d go to a straight razor but I never used one, and don’t want to learn.

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