We’re Just a Point 4-Percent Blip

So obviously we all have a ton of money, right? Are ya with me? (Raised fist in solidarity for boo-coo bucks!) Need new tires on your car? So what if you have to pay an extra $50-70 for a set of four. Who cares, you’re just a 0.4% blip in the scheme of things.

This kind of thinking makes me nuts! You have some ivory-tower economist looking at The Big Picture. Remember that whenever you try to apply common sense to a discussion with intellectuals, you’re wrong. You’re not seeing The Big Picture!

Well, it turns out that nobody gives a crap about tariffs on Chinese tires. Y’know why? Because those tires make up only 0.4% of the Chinese export economy. A nothing. A fraction. A blip!

And if you look at the numbers for everything else, along with the way the administration is managing the economic problems we’re having, we’re just a little blip in everything. Less than 1% in this, that, or the other. Doesn’t amount to real money, y’know.

Don’t you just love it? The government experts slap a tariff on tires, and the actual impact on China is pretty much nothing. “Therefore,” it really doesn’t matter. It’s just words. It’s just posturing. It just makes the politicians look good to…whom? Their constituents? The voters?

Fortunately, those of us without any money are only a little blip in The Big Picture. We’re not important. We don’t matter. There aren’t any poor people nowadays, right? The recession’s over, happy times are here again, and we 0..-percenters aren’t important. There’s ALL those rich people spending money, so why bother with the rest?

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