Everything’s Getting Smaller

I first noticed product shrinkage back in the ’70s, when candy bars started getting smaller. Bein’ an old fart, I remember how candy bars are supposed to be! Not these wussy little bits of nothing we have nowadays, but real candy bars! I suppose my grandparents said the same thing when penny candy started costing more than a penny. But that’s not the same as the candy itself getting shrunk.

Then the price started going up. Those crafty companies figured they’d fool us into believing everything was exactly the same. Same candy, same price. Wrong! First less candy for the same price, then more money for less candy. Talk about your lowering American lifestyle!

The other day we bought some toilet paper. Now who pays attention to that, you might wonder? Nobody, actually, it’s just that we had a couple of rolls from the earlier package. And guess what? The new rolls are narrower! There’s probably the same amount of so-called tissue sheets per roll, but they’re about half an inch narrower. Saves money!

Reminds me of an article I read, long ago. An airline company removed one, single tomato from the salads they served for meals. That was back when you actually got something to eat on longer flights. Just that single tomato saved something like $1-million per year on food! So small changes mean big change in the financial department, apparently.

Houses used to have big, heavy beams holding up the walls. They were called “two-by-fours” meaning 2-inches by 4-inches. Have you measured one of those lately? And how about a gallon of paint? How many ounces are actually in that alleged gallon?

It seems that instead of 16 ounces in a “pint” of ice cream, some companies give you 14 ounces, and call it a pint. Who cares if the word used to mean a certain volume of liquid? Nobody but us old folks. And then there are the 4-pound bags of sugar that look like 5 pounds, but for a really good price! Unless you actually read the package and see it’s a few cents cheaper, but a whole pound lighter.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these businesses just were honest? I know prices are going up, but I’d rather pay the higher price and still get a decent candy bar. I probably should say I don’t give a crap, because if I did, I’d probably discover I’d run out of toilet paper!

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2 Comments on “Everything’s Getting Smaller”

  1. Harriet Streets Says:

    Around the time the candy bars got smaller, so did the soup cans. I noticed it because my old recipes called for X number of ounces of soup. Pretty crafty, I decided, giving us a few ounces less of soup in a can that looked the same, but with the same price, and later with a higher price. Great way to make money if you are in the soup business.

    Then I noticed that ALL products were shrinking in size. I complained to the company that makes Viva towels that the sheets were thinner, and sticking to each other. I begged them not to sacrifice quality, as I have always loved Vivas. All I got was a few coupons that are tricky to use and expire soon, NO COMMENT on the quality. I think EVERY business is playing this game and I resent their underestimating our intelligence, so I enjoyed reading the above comments. Right on.

    I’m thinking of joining the ISOC, so I can enjoy sharing my “Lucy” attitudes with others who agree!

  2. Master Grump Says:

    While consumer products are getting smaller, the ISOC membership is getting bigger! Yes indeed; we are becoming a force to be reckoned with!

    It’s gotten so bad that many recipes no longer match the products available in food stores! Go make a lasagna, and you’ll see that the recipe calls for 1 pound of noodles. All you can get is 12 oz, nowadays.

    Rather than just raise prices, apparently food producers have polling results that show people would rather the price stay the same and products just shrink. That’s probably because so few people know how to cook anymore.

    There’s only ONE thing that isn’t getting smaller! The Federal Budget and deficits.

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