A Day in the life of a Curmudgeon

Hopefully after reading this you will see if you are a true Curmudegeon.

12-2 PM: All Curmudegeons never see the morning. We are a grumpy bunch to begin with so why wake in the AM. This time is dedicated to wake up, have some caffeine and be overall grumpy.

2-5 PM: This is your time to go down your list and see what has to get done and what can be put off for a day or longer. Once you find what you have to do, go ahead and do it but don’t forget to grumble about it. An audience is always good so that they can hear you rant.

5-7 PM: Well now that you have done either mental or physical exercise (Both our bad for your health) it’s time to think about lunch. Eat whatever you feel like because you have had enough exertion for 1 day.

7-9 PM: Time to digest and because of the taxing day always allow this time for a nap to recharge yourself.

9-11 PM- This is a good time to get caught up on the computer. Answer those emails that those annoying people always send you. Surf the internet and see if you can find fellow curmudgeons. Being a grump it’s great when you can find others just like you. Delight in the new find you just found and brag to others. It’s a great site- http://grumpy-people.com/
You tell all your grumpy friends about it and order a personalized certificate because now you have a license to grump and your on the hall of fame.

12-3 AM: This is your time to make some supper, read some books, get grumpy because you feel like it.

3 AM: Time to call it a night because it’s tiring being a grump.

Do you have what it takes to be a Curmudgeon?

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One Comment on “A Day in the life of a Curmudgeon”

  1. Kenneth Payne Says:

    My dream schedule!

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