Getting Rid of Customers

Have you noticed the number of stories in the news about management decisions for failing companies? They seem to always be stories about increasing prices, increasing fees, cutting services, and pissing off as many existing customers as possible.

American Airlines, noticing that they’re getting fewer and fewer air travelers, has decided to increase the cost of having any luggage at all. Well, you still get 1 bag checked for free, and it’s only on certain international routes. But then again, when you consider how miserable it is to take a plane anywhere, I wonder if it’s a good idea. It’s like the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).

The CTA has been losing money on a regular basis. Despite feel-good Nature geeks telling us that public transportation will save the planet, you typically can’t get where you want to go using public transportation. But a lot of people do ride buses. So the solution that comes to mind for the collective CTA management team is to cut services and raise prices.

Companies like eBay choose to raise prices to list items, and make it harder and harder to sell anything on the site. Then they start losing both sellers and customers. I wonder why? Yet as the company nose-dives into the ground, they continue to talk about raising fees, cutting services, and making everything more difficult. What a great idea!

Seems that the dumber you are, the higher you rise in management. The less you’re interested in people, the higher you go in the Customer Service domain. The old rule of thumb continues: Whatever a company advertises as being The Single Thing they most care about, that’s for sure the thing they absolutely don’t want any part of whatsoever!

Everybody these days is talking about how important Customer Service is. All we hear is about how companies treat their customers like royalty. And if you’re actually a customer, you can count on the fact that you’re the least important person possible to anyone at all in those businesses.

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