We’re All Gonna Die! Again!

Well, here we are in the middle of August. That’s typically when hurricane season begins, which means that every year there are hurricanes. It’s part of that Nature thing; you know, where the weather has patterns? Like that. And each year, near the end of the summer, we start having hurricanes.

Over the past 10 years, the news reporters have been getting more and more panicked about these big storms. When it starts to rain out in the Atlantic, the reporters pack their “go bag,” getting ready to leave home on a moment’s notice. To avoid the hurricane? Nope, to go stand right smack dab in the middle of the frickin’ thing! How idiotic is that!? They report breathlessly that a hurricane is coming. Like nobody’s ever even seen one or heard of one.

Sure enough, hurricane Bill looks like it has the potential to kill zillions of people, wipe the entire Southeast off the map, and destroy all life as we know it. Right? Well, maybe not that bad, but surely we can count on at least some death, destruction and mayhem?

What’s even more pathetic is that these reporters highlight the feelings of people who’ve been hit badly by disasters. When the two reporters were released from North Korea, I heard on reporter calling in during a news segment saying, “there was some real emotion being shown here.” No kidding! Really?

I think it’s that so many people these days are so completely self-centered, they don’t actually have any emotions. Or they don’t remember emotions. So they need to see examples of emotions from hapless victims in order to remember what to say when someone dies, for example. That’s why everyone is running down to Florida to stand in hurricane weather. Just so they can be “on the spot” when people’s lives get destroyed and watch emotions.

The question is what kind of dope hangs around watching TV while a hurricane is bearing down on their house?

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