You can never buy what you want

My rant of the day, that has truly made me a curmudgeon, is never being able to find what you want when you go food shopping.  Today, it’s about Häagen-Dazs ice cream.  All you have to do is say that you like one of their products and poof…it’s gone!  For example, they used to make a macadamia ice cream that was delicious.  Can you find it now?  Of course not!

Another favorite was an ice cream bar they used to make that was chocolate ice cream with a chocolate coating. That’s also vanished! Anyone smart knows that chocolate is one of the important food groups.

Back in my day, Management knew and listened to their customers and did well. I don’t know who’s running the companies now, but they sure don’t listen to the people who buy there products. We are an after-thought. No wonder we’re all grumps!

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