Grumps, Grouches & Curmudgeons

Welcome to the International Society of Curmudgeons (ISOC) blog. We’re a worldwide organization of people who know how things ought to be. Throughout history, curmudgeons have been sidelined, being that we’re typically seasoned citizens and, well, you know how younger people tend to be.

Not anymore, though! It’s true that AARP supposedly keeps and eye out for our political well-being, but they’re just too quiet. They don’t complain enough! We need a louder voice in things, by gosh! We are many, and we’ve lived long enough to know that if a million people say something stupid, it’s still stupid!

We would have put this blog up long ago, but we were busy fishing and it was too much effort. It happens, though, that now’s a good time. Lots to complain about, dont’cha know.

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